Service Vendors

Home Inspectors
All-Croix Inspections, LLC                                  715.377.2152 office       
Todd Dolan                                                              612.819.9707 cell                                                   [email protected]
Block by Block Home Inspections                   651.439.6152 office
Brian Block                                                              651.439.6153 fax
InspectOne Home Inspection Services          952.707.1111 office
Scott Hansing                                                         [email protected]                                         
JSJ Residential Inspections, LLC                     612.756.3579 office
John St. John                                                           715.262.5590 fax                      [email protected]
Pillar to Post                                                    651.578.1672 office
Robert Allender                                                   715.377.1949 office                                                   651.731.5807 fax
Property Inspection Company                                   651.439.4895 office
[email protected]                    651.704.0286 fax                  
WI Building Inspectors, LLC                              715.834.2656 office
Tom Draper                                                        715.831.0189
[email protected]                                                                     
Woods & Meadow Home Inspection Services    715.381.1000 Hudson office
Steven Jacobson                                                 715.462.4909 Hayward office
[email protected]                       651.260.7457 MN Cell
National Property Inspections                          888.805.8591 office
Michael Glenn                                                      651.271.2136 cell
[email protected]                                            715.377.0633 fax
WIN Home Inspection                                       715.273.6200 St. Croix Valley
Tom Atsatt                                                        651.501.7670 Woodbury
[email protected]                                                715.273.4407 fax                                 
Ultraspect Home Inspections, LLC                     612.418.7735 MN
Brad Schwartz, CRI                                              715.755.3589 WI
[email protected]                                                      715.755.2658 fax                           
Premier Inspections                                          651.319.2946 MN
Kevin Kruckow                                                    715.808.0297 WI
[email protected]                                                                   
Rummel Home Inspections                               715.246.2022 office
Dave Rummel                                                      651.245.5666 cell
[email protected]       
Roof to Ground Home Inspection                     651.239.5665 cell
Joe Starkey                                                        715.386.3447 home
                                                                        715.386.0342 fax  
Premier Home Inspections
Jeff Titcomb                                                           651.253.1566 cell
New Richmond, WI                                              715.246.2928 home
Straight Answer Home Inspection LLC
Ryan Stewart                                                               751.529.889
Roberts, WI                                                        [email protected]                                                                    
Ideal Inspection Services LLS                            715.570.4235 cell
James Davis                                                        [email protected]
Paladin Inspection Services                               651.307.1384
Joe Lundequam, CRI                                            [email protected]
Radon Mitigation
Northland Energy & Radon                               715.760.1610 office
Dan Korum                                                         [email protected]                                       
N.C. Radon Systems                                         715.246.5873
Jeff Nelson  
Langer Construction, Inc.                                 612.987.1878
Dave Langer                                                       [email protected]                                                
Window Cleaners
Sparkling Clean Window Cleaners                     715.220.3053
Nick Melin                                                           [email protected]
Squeaky Clean Homes, Inc.                               715.381.5713 office
Jeff Cicha                                                           651.492.2546 cell
Cleanup & Restoration
Servpro of the St. Croix Valley
Fire & Water – Cleanup & Restoration               715.381.2266 office
Bob Tredinnick                                                    715.781.2150 cell
[email protected]                                                715.381.2267 fax
First Response Restoration                               715.246.2214 office
Brenda Rivard                                                      [email protected]
P. Jay Rivard                                                      
ICC Restoration & Cleaning Services                 651.739.4289 office
Tami Jonsson                                                      651.341.1812 cell                                              888.739.4289 toll free
[email protected]                                              715.472.4357 WI
Ultra Clean                                                        651.308.6808 cell
Rob Okonek                                                       715.386.5900 phone
Advanta Clean                                                  877.800.2382
Steven W. Fall                                                    612.749.3733 cell
[email protected]                      
Servicemaster Clean                                          715.235.8511
Leslie Bodsberg                                                   [email protected]
A Lady & A Broom                                            612.790.0810
Debbie Bergman
Commercial/Residential Cleaning                      715.410.4872
Brad Finstad          
Home Warranty
HWA Home Warranty of America                      763.221.1098 cell
Shelley Johnson                                                  888.492.7359 tel
[email protected]                         888.492.7360 fax   
HSA Home Warranty                                         800.749.1511x6067
Tracy Peltier                                                       952-210-9809 cell                                                     800.367.1448
HMS                                                                 800.397.1700                                         877.500.8600
Rockworks Landscaping                                   715.273.5415 main
Brian Pieper                                                        612.850.8986 cell
Morning Glory Garden Services                          715.441.1320
Lori Bernard
Mortgage Loan Officers
Joe Duran                                                         651.353.4334 cell
Waterstone Mortgage Corp                                            715-796-2696 Office
651.353.4334 fax                                                [email protected]
Kathy Peterson                                                651.755.4484 cell
Waterstone Mortgage Corp                                            751.377.3632
715.377.3631 fax                                                [email protected]
Home staging
Preferred Home Staging & Interior Design        715.808.4300 WI
Nancy Denissen                                                   651.983.9955 MN                                   651.389.0555 efax
St. Croix Staging                                              763.229.0073 cell
Jan Barnes                                                          [email protected]
Home Staging                                                  715.410.0013
Lynda Anderson                                                  [email protected]
Sunset Electric                                                  715.749.4411 office
David Rakovszky                                                  612.991.8840 cell                                      [email protected]
Sylvester Construction & Remodeling, LLC       651.497.4891
Jeremy Sylvester                                                                                  [email protected]
Erksine Interiors                                               715.386.5544 office                                             715.386.8522 fax
Superior Carpet Cleaning                                  715.425.7887 office
Tom Vogler                                                        [email protected]
Culligan Water                                                  612.685.6576 direct
Paul Hansen                                                        651.439.3631 fax                                       [email protected] 
Centraire Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.                 952.941.1044
24 hour service Residential & Commercial HVAC & Plumbing
Cross Media, LLC                                              651.426.6696 direct
Scott Lidberg                                                               866.497.3224 toll free
[email protected]                                           651.653.1899 fax                                      
Green River Office Products                              651.293.1135 office
Mike Ross                                                           877.793.1135 toll free
[email protected]                     651.293.0714 fax    
EO Johnson Office Technologies                        715.832.1518 office                                           800.472.7392 toll free
American Contracting Associates                      866.737.2224 office
Chris Richmond                                                    651.3291385 cell
BW Builders LLC                                                612.803.4502 cell
Mike Westberg                                                    [email protected]    
Get Clean Get Organized, LLC                            715.760.1216
Home Cleaning & Professional Organizing                 [email protected]
Tiffany Little                                             
NHance – Revolutionary Wood Renewal           715.381.6740 office
Tony & Cheryl Dreawves                                       877.445.0913 toll free
[email protected]                                            608.531.2000 fax
Markek Roofing                                                715.246.7449
Scott Goulet                                                       800.256.5910
New Richmond, WI                                              715.268.5773
G&A Painting                                                    715.760.1857
Grant & Angela Dockendorf                                   715.307.8568                                           [email protected]
Cannondale Flooring Inc                                   651.248.8966 cell
Dustin Lindala                                                      651.439.5821 fax
Stillwater, MN                                                     [email protected]
Valley Services Heating & AC Specialist             715-386-7131 Business
Mike Babler                                                         [email protected]
Dianne Saterbak                                               612.718.6745 cell
Business Analyst                                                  [email protected]
Dee Sign – Real Estate Signs                            651.964.8080 cell
Betty Melin                                                         [email protected]
Minuteman Press                                              715.377.7795
Pete Keske                                                                                                              
596 Outpost Circle, Hudson
Platinum Flooring                                                      612.227.0743
Shannon Hansell                                                  [email protected]
476 Cty Road A
Hudson, WI 54016
Amy Wagner Photography                               612.251.9742
Borup Carpentry                                               715.441.9287
Matt Borup                                                         [email protected]
1029 8th St
Hudson, WI 54016
Moss River Flower Studio                                 715.760.2233
Gabby Joseph                                           
[email protected]      
St. Croix Environmental & Safety, LLC              612.414.1690
Tom Kapfer                                                        [email protected]
Ron Rother Construction                                 651.437.7185

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